mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

"Afrikali Benin 2013 Mix 2"

Hello tropical music lovers!!!
Today I am pleased to introduce my friend Afri Kali, collector and great records digger, he generously gives us this Mix "Afrikali Benin 2013 Mix 2" fruit of his recent adventure in Benin this year, Enjoy this excellent work, and reiterate my gratitude to this great Records Lover "Afri Kali"

Afri Kali:
"...i travel for 14 years to west africa , did 3 road trips , by jeep , car , mini truck ... the last 3 years i look for records in maroc , mauretanie , senegal , gambia , mali , burkina , ghana , togo , benin and guinea bissau..."

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